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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

10 Things I've learnt in my first month at Uni

So I've now been at uni a month even though it feels like 10x longer. I go to Nottingham Trent, I live in Private Student Halls and I'm studying Business Management and Marketing.

Here's a few things I've learnt in my first month at Uni:

1. I have an accent

So i didn't think I had one but after getting taken the mick out of on how I said "up" I guess i do

2. Prepare for the repetitive small talk

"Whats your name, where are you from, what are you studying" just on repeat

3. Freshers Flu is real

Freshers week is insane but be prepared for the freshers flu after. As well as the cough a second in every lecture following.

4. That I'm from the middle of nowhere

Whenever people ask where I'm from I've just given up and started saying Nottingham because trying to explain a small town on the edge of Nottinghamshire is just a drag

5. Just Eat is your best friend and worst enemy

Where I'm from NO WHERE delivers to my house so coming to Notts and having hundreds of restaurants deliver (and no self control) it's where all my money goes

6. Harder to get salmonella than you think

The times I do cook I'm sending constant photos to my parents asking "is this cooked" but me being inpatient if i don't get an instant reply I'm risking it

7.  You become nocturnal

Out most nights and nap in the day, I cant get through the day anymore without a nap

8. Don't have enough going out outfits

From going out on a Saturday night to 4 nights a week you soon realise you need more clothes (perfect excuse to do a fat pretty little thing order)

9.  I love living in a city

After living in a tiny village for majority of my life I LOVE living in a city however I do just always end up shopping when I'm bored which isn't good

10. It can be overwhelming

Living on your own, meeting new people and already feeling behind on work is overwhelming but it's all good

This was a very basic post but I wanted to get something up! I'm just drowning in work and still trying to find my feet so bare with!

Sophie x