Friday, 25 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hey everyone and Merry Christmas! Whether you're reading this on christmas day or not, i hope you're having a fab day!

So i thought i would do a 'What i got for Christmas' post!

Disclaimer: im not bragging in any way, I'm so grateful for absolutely everything.

First off are my gifts from Santa and my parents

My little sister got me these and it shows how much she knows me because chocolate orange is my all time favourite chocolate and the Maybelline Master Sculpt is one of my favourite makeup products so thank you Lilie if you're reading this!

Finally these are the presents i got from other family and friends

Thankyou for reading, i love every single present and I'm so grateful for everything!

Due to me getting my Mac my blog posts should get better and more frequent (i hope)

Hope you all had an amazing christmas

Sophie x

p.s On the home page of my blog i added a little box where if you want to follow me just type in your email - it would mean a lot!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Winter Look Book

Heyy!! So this is my first look book, overall I took around 100 photos and ended up with 15 for three outfits because i generally don't like photos being taken of me but I thought I'd try one!!

First outfit is defo my fave! Just some warm tights, a plain top and a skirt. This skirt is from Ark and I think the colours are really wintery and Christmassy!

For over the top I have this beige poncho from Blue Vanilla
(Its not on the website anymore but most high street stores are selling ponchos!it's like I'm wearing a huge blanket around me its so cosy! It also has a tassel trim which gives it that gorgeous extra detailing. The material is so soft and not itchy at all which is what I was worried about - It keeps me so warm and I defo recommend getting one it's like a scarf and jumper mixed into one.

The colour is really 'in' right now and goes with more or less anything so it's perfect to just throw over any outfit.

It also has a turtle roll neck which makes it ever cosier - will definetly be wearing this numerous times over the winter! I don't know why I didn't get a poncho sooner!

Next, is another staple outfit for winter. Some blue denim ripped jeans from Ark (not on the website anymore) and one of my favourite items of clothing I own is a blue, white and yellow striped shirt which is open at the back which is also from Ark (its on sale!)  and some Brown Chelsea boots from Primark

Last outfit is another skirt from Ark. I love the colours in this! The top is from Topshop

Hope you enjoyed my first look book! 

Here's links to the shops again:

Thankyou for reading,

Sophie X

(ps I worked with Blue Vanilla, Thankyou for the poncho and thanks to EtailPR -

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Vo5 Hair Product Reviews

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't uploaded in ages, year 11 has been so stressful but I'm gonna carry on trying to upload as much as I can! It's my birthday on the 26th and its the start of half term then so hopefully I'll upload more and a what I got for my birthday if you want (let me know!)

Recently I went a bought a few Vo5 products but I'd seen adverts on them and always been drawn to their pink packaging! I went into superdrug and it was 2 for £5 on their products which was great as both of the products I bought were around £4 each! So I thought I'd try them out!


Firstly I got some dry texturising spray - 

I hate when my hairs flat, I love volume! So I thought I would give this a try. All you do is spray it on your hair, In your roots etc and scrunch and instant volume! It looks as if you've back combed it (but without ruining your hair) Also, it doesn't make your hair greasy which is what I was worried it would do! Plus it smells sooo nice. I'll put up some pics of the before and after next time I use it! 

Next, I got the Frizz Free Creme -

I have naturally curly hair therefore it's also frizzy! I now use this after every shower! I apply a tiny amount to the ends of my hair and when it's dry no frizz!! It also has heat defence which is a bonus and again smells really good!

Finally, I actually got this product in the £1 shop (bargain) it's the Give me moisture Hair Mask -

My hair is so dry so I was looking for a mask to help. After seeing how well other Vo5products has worked I thought I would try it! I've only used this once but defiantly noticed a difference and left my hair smelling amazing! Highly recommend!

So that was my quick little review of my new products, I will defiantly be trying more of Vo5's hair products! 

Thankyou for reading,

Sophie X

Thursday, 17 September 2015

My September Birch Box

Hey everyone, this week I recieved my first Birch Box - it happened to be their birthday box as well (Happy Birthday Birch Box!!!)


First off, how cute is the box!! Will definately be re using that. 

It comes with the sample products & a little booklet which explains birch box and tells you the price of the full size products you receive.

I found this part exciting, opening the cute little
bag - so here's the products:

The Birchbrush £5.99 (basically a mini tangle teezer)
-this is a birch box exclusive and i was so happy when I got it because I'd actually lost my tangle teezer!
-it's nice and small so I can pop it in my school bag!

Laura Mercier Facial Polish (£26 full size)
-This is an exfoliator, it involves micro beads which "gently buffs away dead skill cells while the rich formulation leaves skin purified and hydrated"
-I've used this once so far and it left my skin feeling amazing!

John Masters Organics Detangler (£16 full size)
- "wave goodbye to knots and tangles with this little miracle worker!" ~ booklet
- It has Coconut oil and wheat amino acids which help to nourish your hair whilst neroli and grapefruit soothes the scalp + makes it smell fab!

Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil in Cray Cray (£17)

- This product is for your lip and cheeks however I'll probably stick to using it on my lips. It's very pigmented however it looks a lot brighter in the picture!
-Will definitely be wearing this more in the summer!

Beauty Protector Body Wash (£8)

-This body wash smells amazing!! It's so soft on my skin and leaves a scent for ages!

Finally, my favourite product:

Benefit the POREfessional: licence to blot  (£15.50 full size)
- As I have oily skin this product jd perfect for me! All you do is dab it on your oily/shiny bits of skin and it mattifys it! 
- Also, at this rate it looks like it's going to last for ages!

So that's what I recieved in my Birch Box! I think they're such a great idea and you get to try loads of new, different products!

Thankyou for reading, 

Sophie x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

My Makeup Storage

Hey everyone so today I'm going to show you my makeup storage, it's not much but a few of you have been asking for it!

First, I store my everyday makeup in a display case sort of thing on my dressing table - it's off Amazon and it's really affordable, you can get it here!

This was my favourite ever purchase and compared to others I found its so adorable!

It holds loads and looks gorgeous!

I then, have the 5 Alex Drawers from Ikea which so many people have and I can understand why!

I know these aren't cheap, especially the 9 drawers but they're such good quality and look really nice!

I don't have much makeup and so far have only got some in the top two drawers.

Here's the top drawer, it has all my eye, lip and powder products.

 I use cutlery trays from IKEA to keep everything sorted, i use these instead of separate boxes or proper makeup trays because these were so cheap, the one above is 50p! (check it out here)  and they do the same job! Also, I use these drawer dividers also from IKEA, these are really handy and also really cheap (3 for £1.50!) 

My second drawer has all my foundations and concealers and then all the testers I have of perfumes etc

This white tray is another cutlery tray and is great for these drawers! (Find it here)

The third drawer doesn't really have makeup in but it was my nail polishes in a cute little box from IKEA and in the drawer dividers I just have nail clippers and scissors then just health things that help with braces and hay fever etc and finally some empty Mac boxes

In the last two drawers I just have loads of bath and body products I don't use and they're really messy but I'm hoping one day that all five drawers will be full with makeup!

If you see a product that you would like a review on or to know more about then just comment below or tweet me!

Thankyou for reading!

Sophie x

Sunday, 6 September 2015

What's on my Bucket List

Hey everyone, so today I'm going to share with you what's on my Bucket List!

1. Spend a year travelling the world 

2. Go to a music festival

3. Get at least one A in my GCSE's

4. See a shooting star

5. Go to Australia

6. Meet Liam Payne

7. Be front row at a concert 

8. Ride in a hot air balloon

9. Get into a University

10. Go on a road trip with friends

11. Go on a date to a fun fair 

So that's my bucket list - I always find myself adding things on so I'll update it from time to time! 

Comment down below what's on your bucket list, I'd love to know!

Thankyou for reading,

Sophie x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Favourites

Hey everyone, how is it September already!? This years going way too quick. So im here with my favourite things from August!


MUA's Pro Base Prime and Conceal in Green


If you have redness I highly recommend this product! It's the best product I've found that actually hides my redness! - I did a full review of it here 
Maybelline Master Sculpt
I purchased this a couple months ago but it's still my favourite contouring kit! It also has highlighter which is a bonus! It's so pigmented so a little goes a long way. It also comes with a mirror and a brush all in a little compact so can fit perfectly in your makeup bag!

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

First off, how gorgeous is this! This highlighter is so pigmented so again, a little goes a long way! It's really affordable  and makes your skin look glowing!

Cactus's (bit weird I know)


I have been loving Cactus's this month! I have four around my room, if you're read my room tour post you'll see. I think they really suit it and it's good to have some life! The big one is from Homebase and the three mini ones are a set from IKEA. Cactus's are an affordable way to decorate your room and brighten it up!

Drag me down - One Direction

If you don't know already I love One Directiom and I have done since X factor! But their new song is defo my fave of them all! It's more or less been on repeat since it came out at the start of August! I can't wait to see them live again at the end of October!

And my last favourite, Paper Towns

I saved this book to read on holiday and I wanted to read it before I saw the film! I knew I'd enjoy it because John Green is my favourite author! The book was better than the film, I felt that the film went to quick and they didn't include some of the little details. Obviously, if you go see the film without reading the book that won't bother you! The film was also made more funny. Despite this, THE ENDING OMG, if you've seen the film or read it you'll understand my frustration! It just can't end like that! It really irritated me! Apart from that, I do recommend the book and the film!

So they're my favourites from August! Let me know what you've been loving this month! 

Also, I go back to school tomorrow and as I'm going into Year 11 I'll have loads of
revising and homework to do. Therefore I might not upload as many blog posts as I have been in the holidays however I do want to try and upload definitely once a week!

Thankyou for reading,

Sophie xx