Sunday, 25 January 2015

What's on my IPhone

Hey everyone, ive been really into watching videos and reading posts about what's on people's phones just to get app ideas etc so I thought I would join them! I don't have that many apps on my phone but anyway!

This is my lock screen, I have a sm(assive)all crush on Liam Payne so seeing these photos whenever I turn on my phone just makes me smile☺️

Main screen - messages, camera and photos 

Napster - This is a music app which I use instead of iTunes, it costs £10 a month and all my family use it, you can listen to music when you don't have wifi and new recent music is added everyday (like music in the top charts etc)

Then the YouTube app, Facebook messenger 

We heart it - This is very similar to tumblr but more girly If you get what I mean

Also Tumblr (,  instagram (@sophie_hilll - cheeky self promo😉), oovoo which if you don't know is like Skype/FaceTime but you can have four people on one chat. Vine which I am obsessed with at the minute and Kik. 

Countdown - which is an app which lets you put in the date of an event and tells you how many days, hours and minutes it is until then! I really love the idea is this and makes me 100x more excited!

Then Justunfollow which is an app that lets you see who unfollows you👀 which I use for my Twitter. Then Ask fm, notes, mail &

Depop - Depop is an app where you can buy and sell clothes & accessories etc, like Ebay but it's easier, cheaper and there's more buyers and there's so many sellers with amazing stuff! 

I'm selling some stuff if you want to go check it out! - ssophiehill

Then I have the App Store and Blogger which is what I'm using right now to write this blog post!

Along the bottom are the four apps I use most: Snapchat, Safari, Twitter and facebook

The next page I full of folders to keep everything organised!

I'm not going to bother showing you the top left 'boring' folder because it's full of all the apps that come with your phone which I don't really use.

Then in the next folder along I have just some random apps - 

Ebay, google translate (which is a life saver when it comes to doing my french), Day One which is a diary app and I just write in when I do something exciting and  I've been doing it since the summer last year so it's really nice to read back on them! Then timehop which basically connects to your facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and shows you what you posted 1,2,3,4+ years ago (some are very embaressing!) Top cash back which I really recommend if you shop online as you get some money back! PayPal, Ever album which is an app where you can back up all your photos and then delete them from your phone to free up storage! Clue which is a period tracker (the best one I've found) and Sky Go. 

Then is my 'editing' folder which just has all the apps I use to edit photos and videos. Flipagram lets you create slideshows of photos, Squaready puts your photo in a square so you can post the full image on Instagram, pics art I use for making collages and edits, VSCO cam I use to add filters on my photos, SquareadyV puts your videos in a square if you want to post them on Instagram and finally Polyvore lets you pick items of clothing and accessories and make an outfit which Im using at the moment to plan my spring look book (hopefully)

Then I have a games folder which I rarely even use which has Candy crush, stick hero, Flappys back, Crossy Road and Dubsmash.

Finally I have my health and fitness folder which has Fitstar and Seven which basically shows you exercises you can do and keeps track of your progress and MyfitnessPal which gives you an amount of calories per day sorted to you and you add the food you eat everyday and basically keeps track of your eatting.

So that's what's on my iPhone! If you want any of the apps explaining more just comment below! Also if you recommend any apps comment below as id love to try them!

Thankyou for reading 

Sophie xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Bedroom Tour | UPDATED

Hey everyone, so recently I got my bed room redecorated for my birthday (October),  and only now do I think that it's finally finished and I love it! It used to be purple and have posters all over the walls and It always felt so dark and I wanted change it for ages! You may call this the usual 'blogger/teen' taste of floral and white but I love it. So here's my finished room - if you see any items that you want to know where they're from/how much just comment below!

So this is what you see as you walk in my room, as my room is at the front of the house I got all the sunlight so my rooms always bright which I love! First off there's a mirror to the left and my bin. Then there's my dressing table, which holds some of my clothes and socks etc. on top is my mirror, pot of makeup brushes, makeup and a cute little frame and cactus. Also, two little jars which hold rings & grips. Hanging above I have the cutest fairy lights which have little pegs on so I've pegged my favourite photos up. 

Down the side is the Alex Drawers from
IKEA, these were £50. I use to hold my makeup, hair, nail and body products. (I'm planning on doing a blog post on my makeup storage so you'll beable to see inside the drawers then! On top I have my beauty products that I use everyday so they're easy to grab. Infront of the box are again two little jars from IKEA which I use as money jars and a Rhubarb and Custard Candle which smells absolutely amazing!

My desk is my favourite part of my room! The desk is from IKEA (£49) and fits perfectly next to my bed! On my desk is just a work book holder thing from IKEA which i painted the colour of my wall, a Cath Kidston mug which i hold all my pens in and on the other side I have my lamp which is from Ikea (£10), I have a little pot of fake flowers from TKmax which are so cute, a gorgeous jar which I think really suits my room and my Zoella Beauty candle (£5) which smells fab! Hanging off my bed is a little wooden heart and the quote that's on it is one of my favourites ever!

My bed is from IKEA and was £79 and I have a floral duvet cover from BHS and a grey blanket from IKEA. Along the head board I have some wire flowers (From Amazon) and some fairy lights (primark, £1.50); they are one of my favourite things in my room! On the wall I have a white frame from Next which has some more of my favourite photos in (I love printing out photos)

At the end of my bed I have my tv, a white book shelf which just holds my books mainly. On top is my 2015 memory jar (Tkmax) and a little canvas with a lovely quote on, another little frame and yet another candle in the scent vanilla which also smells amazing! In the last photo you can see my photo wire hanging off my curtain pole, I got this off and it's basically a magnetic wire that comes with loads of mini magnets which you use to hang photos and I thought it was so cute and a different way to have photos around your room!

Then round the corner of my door is my wardrobe which obviously has my clothes in (half my clothes, half my mums I don't have that many!)

So that's my bedroom, it's hard to explain everything without writing pages and pages but you can always comment below with any questions! I'm very happy with my room and i feel like everything comes together and matches really well!

Thankyou for reading! 

Sophie x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review: Sleek Highlighter Palette in Precious Metals

Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I came across this gorgeous palette, I'd never used any other Sleek products before and was amazed at the range of products they had and I will defiantly be checking their next time I'm in need of makeup! I was looking for a contour palette and I asked on Twitter what people recommend and this came up quite a few times. So I decided to try it out and I love it!

As my first highlighter/contouring palette I didn't have much to expect and compare to but from many reviews I knew this was a good palette. Here Sleek Makeup have paired three gorgeous cream highlighters with one powder/bronzer all thrown together in one mirrored compact.

As shown in one of the pictures above the packaging states that 'the iridescent, metallic finishes add a radiant glow and a luminous polish to the skin' which I 100% agree with. It also includes a step by step mini guide on how to use each powder; applying to the inner corners of the eyes, across the brown bone and along the tops of cheekbones. 

These four shades suit my skin tone really well and defiantly inhanse the specific features. Now you probably think you're going to look very shimmery and gold when applying these to your face but I can assure you they don't appear as pigmented as they are in the palette and on my hand (as I applied many layers so you could see the colour). I have found them all to last nearly a full school day (from 8-2) so 6 hours. Just to add I don't use the brush included as I find it to small and find the bristles feel very plasticky.

I highly recommend this and at a price of £9.99 in any superdrug you can't really go wrong (I went into three superdrugs and they were all out of stock  of only this palette but that's a good sign!) It's very easy to travel with as usually I'm very gentle with anything powder related but the powders and creams seem to be very secure and mess free. 

Comment below if you have this product and what your opinion is on it or if you're now going to try it out!

Thankyou for reading!


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Hey everyone, so today I'm attempting my first review and I asked on Twitter if you'd like me to do this and all responses were yes so here I am! I've seen so many people using these brushes and all have recommended them so I was very excited to try them! I've only had these for a couple of weeks and Im already loving them! They cost £20.99 however they're on offer on Amazin at the moment (not sure if it's still going on!) but I think £20.99 is a reasonable price due to the fact I've heard they last for ages!

The brushes are made with taklon bristles which are ultra-plush, with soft fibers, and smoother than most other brushes. They are 100% cruelty free which is a huge bonus. 

The collection includes a buffing brush, contour brush, detailed brush and a pointed foundation brush. I love the fact they are rose gold as they look cute on my dressing table! It also comes with a black case that allows you to travel with them easily and have them standing up on your dressing table whilst doing your makeup!

I'm gonna start off with my favourite from the four which is the buffing brush; I use this for my foundation and it leaves a smooth finish which was hard for me to achieve before!

Next I use the pointed foundation brush for concealer (I don't use it for foundation as I found it to small and leaves streaks) 
This allows me to get under my eyes and around my nose leaving great coverage! I use it in a dabbing motion as like I said It leaves it streaky.

Next I use the detailer brush for highlighter, on my brow bone, down the bridge of my nose and cuspids bow. I find this perfect for it!

Finally I use the contour brush for well what it says on the tin contouring! I use this for applying my bronzer! Out of all my past contouring/bronzing brushes this is my far my favourite!

So overall I highly recommend buying these! They are so soft, a reasonable price, they don't shed and leave the face having a smooth finish. I also love the case it comes with which allows me to put them striaght in my school bag! I'm looking forward to growing my collection.

Thankyou so much for reading!

Comment below your favourite real techniques brush as I want to buy some more!


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Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2015 goals

Happy New Years! Hope you've all had a wonderful 2014 and a fab 2015 to come! I thought I'd share today my 2015 goals (New Years resolutions some people prefer to call them!) 

In 2015:

Meet Alfie (Pointlessblog) - if you don't know who he is, Alfie is a well known youtuber and he's one of my favourites (in my top three!) and I love him to pieces so meeting him would be a dream come true!

Get a tweet off Alfie (Pointlessblog) & Zoe (Zoella) - I've been noticed a few times on Twitter by Alfie but a tweet would be just wow

Meet all Internet friends - I have made so many friends since being on Twitter in the fandom and it's been fab! I already have plans for meeting a few but I'd love to meet as many as possible!

Drink more water - this is such a simple thing that will benefit loads for my skin etc however I just seem to never drink enough

Keep up a daily skin routine - my skin is really bad at the moment and I feel like this will benefit; I always try and keep up a daily routine but end up stopping after a couple of weeks!
Don't care what others think - I need to try and do this! I care way to much about what other people think of me and it's stopping me from doing so many things so I'm determined to defiantly try and accomplish this one.

Stretch everyday (eventually splits) - I do dance and one of the types we do is Acro (acrobatics) and I really want to beable to do the splits but I can barely touch my toes so I'm gonna try and stretch once a day!

Eat more fruit - Again this is such an easy thing to do but I never actually get round to doing it! 

Save more - this is a must! I'm gonna try and save as much money as I can for the end of the year

Be more confident - I am not confident in the slightest; Last years New Years resolution was to be more talkative and loud in class and not be that girl who just sits in the back of the classroom and I did it and my grades went up and I made a ton of new friends (although I did get told off for talking there and then) but it was 100% worth it! So I really want to become more confident!

So those are my 10 goals for 2015! Comment down below yours 2015 goals or tweet me @ssophiehill - I'll be replying to all comments and tweets☺️

Also any blog post ideas you have or want to see comment below or tweet me and I'll be happy to do them! 

Thankyou for reading!