Sunday, 25 January 2015

What's on my IPhone

Hey everyone, ive been really into watching videos and reading posts about what's on people's phones just to get app ideas etc so I thought I would join them! I don't have that many apps on my phone but anyway!

This is my lock screen, I have a sm(assive)all crush on Liam Payne so seeing these photos whenever I turn on my phone just makes me smile☺️

Main screen - messages, camera and photos 

Napster - This is a music app which I use instead of iTunes, it costs £10 a month and all my family use it, you can listen to music when you don't have wifi and new recent music is added everyday (like music in the top charts etc)

Then the YouTube app, Facebook messenger 

We heart it - This is very similar to tumblr but more girly If you get what I mean

Also Tumblr (,  instagram (@sophie_hilll - cheeky self promo😉), oovoo which if you don't know is like Skype/FaceTime but you can have four people on one chat. Vine which I am obsessed with at the minute and Kik. 

Countdown - which is an app which lets you put in the date of an event and tells you how many days, hours and minutes it is until then! I really love the idea is this and makes me 100x more excited!

Then Justunfollow which is an app that lets you see who unfollows you👀 which I use for my Twitter. Then Ask fm, notes, mail &

Depop - Depop is an app where you can buy and sell clothes & accessories etc, like Ebay but it's easier, cheaper and there's more buyers and there's so many sellers with amazing stuff! 

I'm selling some stuff if you want to go check it out! - ssophiehill

Then I have the App Store and Blogger which is what I'm using right now to write this blog post!

Along the bottom are the four apps I use most: Snapchat, Safari, Twitter and facebook

The next page I full of folders to keep everything organised!

I'm not going to bother showing you the top left 'boring' folder because it's full of all the apps that come with your phone which I don't really use.

Then in the next folder along I have just some random apps - 

Ebay, google translate (which is a life saver when it comes to doing my french), Day One which is a diary app and I just write in when I do something exciting and  I've been doing it since the summer last year so it's really nice to read back on them! Then timehop which basically connects to your facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and shows you what you posted 1,2,3,4+ years ago (some are very embaressing!) Top cash back which I really recommend if you shop online as you get some money back! PayPal, Ever album which is an app where you can back up all your photos and then delete them from your phone to free up storage! Clue which is a period tracker (the best one I've found) and Sky Go. 

Then is my 'editing' folder which just has all the apps I use to edit photos and videos. Flipagram lets you create slideshows of photos, Squaready puts your photo in a square so you can post the full image on Instagram, pics art I use for making collages and edits, VSCO cam I use to add filters on my photos, SquareadyV puts your videos in a square if you want to post them on Instagram and finally Polyvore lets you pick items of clothing and accessories and make an outfit which Im using at the moment to plan my spring look book (hopefully)

Then I have a games folder which I rarely even use which has Candy crush, stick hero, Flappys back, Crossy Road and Dubsmash.

Finally I have my health and fitness folder which has Fitstar and Seven which basically shows you exercises you can do and keeps track of your progress and MyfitnessPal which gives you an amount of calories per day sorted to you and you add the food you eat everyday and basically keeps track of your eatting.

So that's what's on my iPhone! If you want any of the apps explaining more just comment below! Also if you recommend any apps comment below as id love to try them!

Thankyou for reading 

Sophie xxx


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