Sunday, 28 June 2015

5 Myths on losing weight

So it's getting close to summer and you want that 'bikini body' - these are some of the myths that you may do and think work but they actually don't. Carry on reading if you want the proper ways to lose weight effectively!

1. Crash dieting - binging will make me lose weight!!!

No no no!!! Many people think that starving themselves and then only eating loads at a certain point will make them lose weight but it won't at all! Here's why:
Its really hard to maintain, your body will crave high sugar and fat foods which you will eventually give in to and end up eating more.
-it's also scientifically proven that it makes you miserable and also makes you more stressed because your hormone cortisol (this is your stress hormone) is elevated  - because you're  not feeding you're body properly. This also stops you burning fat
-Finally, eating enough food and the right time manages your blood sugar level and insulin therefore this decreases cravings for sugar.

2. Not eating breakfast will make me skinny!!!

This is probably the biggest thing people think will work. Although some people only know it's not true because it's the 'most important meal of the day' but not many people know why!
-skipping breakfasts causes your metabolism to stop working therefore it takes your body longer to process food. This causes you to still feel hungry and therefore snack. So eating breakfast will cause you to eat less calories throughout the day
-Also, overtime, your body will use its stored fat to fill you up which you don't want because this causes you to put on weight. 
-It will also affect you mentally because your body won't feel awake. It won't have its 'fuel' to start off the day

3. Weight watchers (any slimming programme) i lost so much weight in 2 weeks!!!

In most slimming programmes such as weight watchers, it lets you eat more or less whatever you want as long as you eat under a certain amount of calories. This doesn't educate you on the right way to eat! Doing this only makes you lose water weight. Therefore as soon as you start eating normally again, you'll just put all the weight back on again!
-Don't waste your money!
-These programmes also make you lose muscle and you need muscle in order to burn fat.

4. If I just eat salad I'll be skinny in no time!!!!

No. Just eating salad will not make you skinny. You won't get filled up and you'll end up snacking and eating endless calories.
-All of your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) should be based around protein (such as eggs for breakfast, and then chicken or fish for lunch and dinner) 
-Protein fills you up meaning less snacking and it also builds muscle which helps when wanting to tone and like I said earlier muscle burns fat!
-Eating protein and vegetables and cutting down on carbs will make you lose weight in no time! (I did this and lost 6 pounds in a month and 3% body fat!)

5. Reduced fat is better for you

This tricks many people so don't worry! Most products that state 'reduced fats' and 'fat free' - these are often highly processed and contain a lot of sugar which is worse!
-Full fat milk and butter are actually better for you as they are good for your skin and absorb vitamins. It also provides energy, keeps you warm and protects your organs. 

So I hope this helped and set some things straight! If you have any more questions commend below or tweet me @sophiehillll

Thankyou for reading!

Sophie x