Sunday, 13 September 2015

My Makeup Storage

Hey everyone so today I'm going to show you my makeup storage, it's not much but a few of you have been asking for it!

First, I store my everyday makeup in a display case sort of thing on my dressing table - it's off Amazon and it's really affordable, you can get it here!

This was my favourite ever purchase and compared to others I found its so adorable!

It holds loads and looks gorgeous!

I then, have the 5 Alex Drawers from Ikea which so many people have and I can understand why!

I know these aren't cheap, especially the 9 drawers but they're such good quality and look really nice!

I don't have much makeup and so far have only got some in the top two drawers.

Here's the top drawer, it has all my eye, lip and powder products.

 I use cutlery trays from IKEA to keep everything sorted, i use these instead of separate boxes or proper makeup trays because these were so cheap, the one above is 50p! (check it out here)  and they do the same job! Also, I use these drawer dividers also from IKEA, these are really handy and also really cheap (3 for £1.50!) 

My second drawer has all my foundations and concealers and then all the testers I have of perfumes etc

This white tray is another cutlery tray and is great for these drawers! (Find it here)

The third drawer doesn't really have makeup in but it was my nail polishes in a cute little box from IKEA and in the drawer dividers I just have nail clippers and scissors then just health things that help with braces and hay fever etc and finally some empty Mac boxes

In the last two drawers I just have loads of bath and body products I don't use and they're really messy but I'm hoping one day that all five drawers will be full with makeup!

If you see a product that you would like a review on or to know more about then just comment below or tweet me!

Thankyou for reading!

Sophie x

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