Monday, 22 February 2016

Recent Makeup Purchases + First Impressions

Hey everyone, so for most people last week was half term and i was out most days doing a bit of shopping so i thought i'd show you my recent makeup purchases and my first impressions of them!

 I got this in a beauty outlet and it only cost me £2.49 instead of £6.49 so i thought i'd try it as i love Rimmel Lipsticks! It's definitely a go to shade for me and it goes on really nicely and is definitely moisterising! I love it!!

                                       Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick | Birthday Suit

This is 100% my favourite liquid lipstick i've tried! It think it's very affordable at £4.99. As you can tell i love nudes and this is a gorgeous dark nude (swatch is below). Once this is dry on your lips it doesn't budge its amazing! (As shown in the pic when wiping off the swatches)

                                   Rimmel Apocalips Lip laquer | 601 Light Year

I again got this at the beauty outlet so it cost me £1.49 instead of £6.49 and i've wanted to try these for ages so i knew i had too! The colours darker than i expected but i still love it! 

I got this also in the beauty outlet and it was 99p instead of £3.99 so i thought i might aswell get it as i loved the colour and i wanted to try a few different lip lacquers!

                                          Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and Concealer

 I thought i'd try this foundation after i saw Zoe (Zoella) rave about it and i thought i might aswell get the concealer aswell! However i have to say i've tried the foundation once and wasn't too keen on it - i didn't think the coverage was very good and I thought it looked a bit cakey but that might juts be my skin that day or what products i applied a long with it but i'll try wearing it again. The concealer i like however i'd use this for spots and not under eyes as i found it caked.

                                                    Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

 This is a re-puchase - I've used this for sooo long and it will always be my go to concealer!

                                                   Rimmel Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer

 The link takes you too the smaller version of this but i got this in the beauty outlet and it cost me £5.99 which i think is really good for this size bronzer! i've only used this a couple times but i do like it and i think i especially will in summer as it's water resistant. Also it's matte which i prefer!

                                      Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick | Gold Bronze

 I got this after i used my friends and i loved it! At £4.99 i think it's so affordable! It's such a good highlight and perfect for me as i prefer bronzey highlights compared to blush (there's a blush version of this aswell) This is defo one of my favourite makeup products!

 I've been looking for a clear brow mascara for ages to tame my brows then my friend recommended me this which is the natural collections clear mascara. It's so affordable and works just the same as a brow product would - highly recommend!

So they're my recent makeup purchases - hope you enjoyed! Sorry for the huge gap between posts, my exams are so soon and schools taking over my life! Hope you understand!

Sophie x

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