Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas Present Ideas for All

It's so nearly christmas! Everyones starting their christmas shopping or half way through If you're like me and you hate going out in the crowds shopping and would rather sit on the couch, drinking a hot chocolate then you'll love this website. This website caters for your mum, dad, sister, friend, grandma and even your dog. The website is American but you can simply change the price to the british pound.

One of the main things I love about uncommon goods is that they work with many small businesses and suppliers. Many of the products use recyled components and none of the products contain leather, feather or animal fur. They're commmited to not selling any products that harm any people or animals. I myself want to have my own business when I'm older so feel strongly for companys that help promote smaller businesses.

They also have a program called the Better To Give program. This program allows you to select a non-profit organization to recieve a $1 donation from the website at the checkout! Just a little extra something!

First place i checked out was their christmas gift section, there's pages and pages!

Here's a few of my favourite products from the website:

I love how unique the gifts are and there's something for everyone! Click here for more christmas gifts!

If you're looking for slightly more afforable gifts, perhaps stocking fillers or secret santa gifts then check out the stocking stuffer section! I love the novelty gifts and unique and quirky some of the are! The pizza rescue kit sounds perfect for any pizza lover out there and who doesn't love a good game for christmas day!

How about some gift ideas for friends.  There's hundreds of gifts which range in price but all would mean a lot and show how much you love your bff

If you're still struggling to find the perfect gift, then you can use Sunny. Sunny is the websites new expert gift finder. Tap here to give him a try! Sunny lets you put in the interests of the person you're buying the gift for and finds everything suitable! I tested it out with my dad who loves music and food! It was so easy and it brought up perfect gifts!

Thank you for reading, enjoy christmas shopping!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Xtava Hair Straighteners Review & Giveaway

Hair straighteners have to be one of the many key essentials for women so you will definitely need a good, reliable pair to last you as long as possible!

I recieved the Xtava Pro-Satin Infrarede Hair Straighteners the other day which state that they achieve salon-worthy shine and I was pleasantly surprised!

Stay tuned to the end as i'm giving a pair away!

The straighteners are £29.99 and they definitely felt like they cost a lot more!  The packaging felt so luxurious, they came in a box which then had a magneticly sealed box inside which revealed the straighteners in their own little pouch.

My initial thought was that the flat iron was very big which is good for me as i have quite thick, curly hair therefore I can straighten more hair in a shorter time.

As you can see, the heat comes from an infrared strip. After a little googling I found that styling tools that use infrared technology lock in moisture, therefore not leaving your hair dry. It also heats the hair from inside out which in turn doesnt damage the cuticles in the hair which leads to less tension on the hair leaving you with healthier looking and feeling hair.

I turned them on and they heated up so fast, you could see the temperature increasing, it went from 66 degrees to 179 in about 20 seconds

Before starting to straighten my hair, I used the Tresemme heat protection spray. This is my favourite one as it controls frizz and leaves your hair feeling soft and smelling amazing!

An instruction booklet is provided which guides you what temperature ot set your straighteners to depending on your hair type

Like I said, I have thick, dry hair so I set mine between the directed temperatures at 210 degrees.

In the before and after photo I had half my hair up but it took, literally, not even a minute to straighten that part of my hair! They worked so well! With other straigheners my hairs still been slightly wavy so i'd have to go over my hair a few times therefore leaving it drier but with these I just had to go over once and my hair was straight and felt smooth

Fancy getitng yout hands on a pair of these straighteners? I'm giving a pair away! Click on the link belowđź’‹

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My AS Level Results & My A Level Options

Hi - long time no see, A levels have taken over my life and after getting my AS results they need to take over my life even more!

So, i took 4 AS levels which were: English Language, Sociology, Business and Core Maths.

I enjoyed every subject however hated all at one point but stick with them they're not that bad.

I didnt work as hard as i could've for my AS's - I feel like part of the reason is because I didnt know what I wanted to do in Uni. I only found what I wanted to do around March time which is Business Management and the Uni I'd love to go to is Leeds however the grades for Leeds is AAB. So when I found this out i worked my butt off for those couple months before exams but I knew deep down all the time I wasted was what I needed for the grades.

On results day I had no idea what to expect, I literally had no idea. I was basically praying for D's because it meant I could carry on taking the subjects however deep down I was hoping for higher.

I came out of results day with:

Core Maths                    B
English Language         C
Business                        D
Sociology                      D

So thankfully I could carry on taking English Language, Business and Sociology for A level and Core Maths is only a year course so I had come out of that with a B. I had mixed emotions, I had really struggled with English all year round and I had only just got an E in the mock we did in December so I was over the moon with a C and I also found out that in paper 1 I got the highest in the class and I was so proud becuase i really had stuggled with it.

Now, business i was gutted with becuase I enjoy it the most and I want to do it at Uni so I need high grades. My low grade was due to the structure of my answers which is similar to my Sociology as well. I knew the knowledge but if you can't structure it properly it's hard to get high marks.

This year I'm so motivated, I'm aiming for AAB however due to my low AS levels I doubt I'll be predicted high enough to even be offered a place for Leeds but a girl can try and I have some back ups anyway although most Russel Group University Business Management Courses are AAB so the pressure is on.

Good Luck if you're doing your AS level results or A levels!

I'll hopefully post more frequently but need to concentrate on my A levels! Hope you understand!

Sophie xox

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Everyday Makeup Routine | Updated

So i just checked and the last time i did an every day makeup routine and it was march last year so i thought a year later would be a perfect time to do an updated one to show you the new products i use and stufffff🙆

Brushes i use:
Real techniques Miracle Complexion sponge for my foundation and concealer
An oval brush for my cream contour
Zoeva fan brush for my highlight

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Amsterdam 2017

From the 14th-17th of February i visited Amsterdam, we stayed in hotel Sebastian which was a perfect location as it was a short walk from everywhere. I visited the Anne Frank House, the Fault in our stars bench and some amazing food places. Heres a few pictures from my trip: