Monday, 26 February 2018

Apps I use to make a little extra cash

Fancy earning a little extra cash? Here's three free apps which actually work! They involve you completing surveys which I tend to do on the train to work or if I'm watching a film - basically whenever I have a bit of spare time. I've tried quite a few and these are my top 3!


can cash out any amount into Paypal (the others you need a minimum amount) 
survey lengths vary

not eligible for some of surveys (I've had about 30 survey opportunities and only been eligible for 12)

So far I have made £3.80 in a month which was from 12 surveys



Eligible for majority of surveys
Get some credits even if you aren’t accepted for the survey 

Cons: can’t cash out until you reach 500 points (£5) but I've reach 392 in a month so racks up fast

Tap the link to download the app

Zap Surveys


Loads of surveys to do, all different lengths 
Get a few cents even if you don’t get to do the survey 

Can’t cash out until you hit $25 so takes a while but it all adds up
If you don't give up, you'll eventually have over £20 just for completing short surveys

Tips for earning money online:
  • You need patience 
  • Need time, maybe do some whilst watching TV or on public transport
  • Don’t give up, the money slowly adds up
  • Need a Paypal account!

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