Friday, 6 July 2018

Tips for being savvy and saving money

I'm a very savvy person and I feel like this is going to help with the fact I start uni in September so if anyone else is in my shoes, here's some tips on being savvy...

1. Look on Depop before you buy anything!

If you don't know what Depop is, firstly where have you been and secondly it's basically an eBay but for younger people!

If i go into a shop and see something, I always search for it on Depop and usually I can find it for half the price! Usually the items are brand new because people have lost the receipt or missed the return deadline! It's definitely worth a check

(also sell old clothes and makeup on depop)

2.  Reduced section in supermarkets

The reduced section is my go to on my lunch break, it's only reduced because it expires that same day but if you're eating it that day then why not

Also, grab cheap food and put it in your freezer! (but don't just buy something because it's 19p and not eat it...I'm guilty of this)

3. Charity Shops

I know not everyone is a fan of charity shops but you can find some amazing things for next to nothing plus the money goes to charity, win win

4. Save your pennies

Supermarkets have machines that let you change all your copper coins so just by saving the odd penny can add up!

5. Get a student rail card

Another big one for if you're at uni and always travelling on the train whether it's home or to see Friends. A student rail card gets you 1/3 off fairs

6. Student Discount for Free?

Everyone knows the NUS card however there's a free way to get Student Discount - Uni Days. It's an app that gives you discount to hundreds of places including clothes shops, holiday booking and restaurants.

7. Find Free Food

yep, that's right, free food.

There's two apps: Olio & Too Good to Go and these tell you about food that is being given away from cafes or restaurants or sold cheaply in your area. Businesses would rather give food away than waste it so take advantage!